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the company's products of Vehicle Tracking  with the best quality and unconditional replacement warranty broken device with a new device offered to customers . The vehicle tracking management system for small and large trucks and other vehicles for managing a successful business at a lower cost is essential . Currently one of the most important issues large and small companies to manage transportation costs more than the limit of deviation from the route the drivers is mission . That solutions to reduce the cost of additional depreciation of all auto parts of Vehicles company Urban transportation - road depart illegally from Range of the mission . And detailed information on the status of employees activities in missions and other using a vehicle tracking is made possible . Which allows live tracking of vehicles and persons provides That directors are able to manage the center and view the real-time location of vehicles and persons



 Tracker device installation by company installation and without the cost of Tehran and Karaj done at the customer after the purchase of the device will know the quality of our ceaseless supported . We hope to be able to satisfaction your Dear customers . Also! Of anyone who uses a vehicle tracking system is used on a commercial vehicle in its fleet asked . will tell you that they cannot live without Online tracking system . As cell phones than a decade ago, we were forced to use mobile phones and the need to have .Now this tracking system in the world has become to a business tool caused by this tracker small car fleet managers are able to complete management it . Currently wide range of benefits directors transportation companies . Transportation of cargo use the Fleet Tracking system and driver behavior and the information transmitted from the vehicle is equipped with a GPS tracker . Quiet is noteworthy that most of all, reducing fuel consumption per the vehicle because has increased fuel prices and the significant price per liter . That always was and is considerable directors . Looking to improve business performance . Reduction in executive tasks such as claim working overtime or unused spending . Progress in the customer interface . Because of the increased transparency of operations . Reduction in the frequency of accidents . Increasing requirements of service . Reduced all costs in the business . And also control over the assets Outland  of a company vehicle and drivers . Or Vehicles rented and other


 Global Positioning System GPS is a worldwide radio-navigation, which consists of 24 satellites and ground stations and server, the Global Positioning System technology is supported mainly by the Ministry of Defence America The system was originally designed to exploit America's Army Today, the standard is allowed without any restrictions, many individuals and entities users are able to use these GPS systems are currently Positioning Service (baby car) it is possible for everyone.GPS tracking system is a highly efficient and accurate method and is very easy to work with this tracking system, GPS tracking system so For example, if a (Pathfinder khodro) in a single of the vehicle and a tracking system GPS RSS (personal tracker) in the case of a person placed in a cell phone, or a PC or portable computer systems, the user will be able exact GPS location information on the movement of a vehicle or person seeThe detection system is applicable to any stimulus, including oversight of the company on track for the commute or more lorry carrying a load, in order to assess the child by the parents, or even to monitor the transportation of valuable assets Shipping.

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