Vehicle Tracking Model C2sTeck Tr-11e price of the product 000 USD with garnet replaced by unconditional up to 12 months with  after sales support and uninterrupted for at least 36 months with tracking software in both admin and customers a comprehensive and user-friendly with the ability to install Software on the server enterprise customers and easy operation and high speed port style with applications Android - iPhone also works without a hardware problem, even at very high temperatures in the South of the country for at least 36 months and can say that one of the best detectors in Iran since the beginning of the year so far this vehicle tracking device can attract customers confidence that our customers are very satisfied with the quality of this type of car they are tracking. As well as free installation of Tehran and Suburbs only at the customer site by a qualified installer company, we hope to be able to attract future customers


SMS/GPRS Communication
Wide Power range: 9-36V DC/1.5A
I/O Ports: Ignition, Immobilizer, Panic, Door Status detection
Low Power consumption with Open CPU technology
Internal memory store for GPRS null zone data 2000waypoints
Time based/Distance based position report
Mileage Report
Alarm alerts: GEO Fence, Speed over, Power tamper and Panic
Voice Listen-in
Backup Internal battery included
TR-11E is a GSM/GPS tracker for car tracking application.
It's with superior GPS receiver sensitivity, fast TTFF and Quad bands (850/900/1800/1900MHz) design. And it can continuously report current position to backend server.
TR-11E is developed by "openCPU" technology which brought lower cost, lower power consumption and fast response speed advantages.

Technical Specifications:
GSM / GPRS features:
FIBOCOM G510 (Quad-bands)
GPRS class 10
SMS (text, data)
Voice calling
GPS features:
Skylab GPS Receiver
160dB Sensitivity
Hardware features:
OpenCPU Technology
2000Waypoints for GPRS Null zone data storage
External GSM/GPS Antenna
Internal backup battery with 350mAH
USB Port for configuration and firmware program

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