Vehicle Tracking Model C2sTeck FL10-G price of the product 000 USD with garnet replaced by unconditional up to 12 months with  after sales support and uninterrupted for at least 36 months with tracking software in both admin and customers a comprehensive and user-friendly with the ability to install Software on the server enterprise customers and easy operation and high speed port style with applications Android - iPhone also works without a hardware problem, even at very high temperatures in the South of the country for at least 36 months and can say that one of the best detectors in Iran since the beginning of the year so far this vehicle tracking device can attract customers confidence that our customers are very satisfied with the quality of this type of car they are tracking. As well as free installation of Tehran and Suburbs only at the customer site by a qualified installer company, we hope to be able to attract future customers


Advantage Features
850/900/1800/1900MHz Quad bands or CDMA module optional
Suppor AGPS
Built-in 3D accelerator sensor for crash accident
Two way audio Conversation with handsfree kit
Voice Listen-in for authorized user
4MB Internal flash memory for Non-GPRS data storing (over 10000waypoints) and other events
2IP/Ports for flexible Server connection
Speed Limit management and buzzer output
Ignition Off sleep setup: data update interval, GSM/GPS ON/Off activity
10+ Firmware integrated GEO fencing area management
USB port for device configuration and firmware update
One-press button call to Monitoring center
3Authorized phone no. for SMS alarm alert, one registernumber for Center call, one register Number for Center SMS Service interface
Data Report:
gnition On/Off
Given time interval base
Given Distance interval base
Given moving angle base
Time, Direction, Ignition status, Mileage, Battery level,Door Open
Alarms Report:
Speed Over Alarm
Drive in not-permit time period
GEO Area In/Out
Vehicle Battery Low
Panic Help
Remote Control Commands:
Poll real time position
Setup IP/Port, Device ID, Data report time interval
Setup allow driving time period
Stop engine / release startup
Voice Listen-in authorization for once


Item Name    Parameter
GSM/CDMA Module    FIBOCOM G610/Huawei MC-323
GSM Frequency    Quad Bands/ CDMA
GPS Receiver    Ublox 6M (Accuracy 1-3Meters in moving and open place)
MCU Processor    ARM7 STM103 RBT6
Internal Memory    4MB(10000Waypoints + Events)
Movement Sensor    3G Accelerator ( Freescale/MMA8452Q)
Input Port    Ignition, Door, Panic, Quick-call, Microphone
Output Port    Buzzer, Immobilizer, Speaker
Audio Amplifier    3W
BackUp Battery    600mAH
LED Indicator    Red: GSM; Green: GPS
Working Power Range    9-36V DC/1.8A
Consumption    Sleep: < 30mA, Standby:45-80mA
Working Temp.    minor 25℃~+60℃ E20
Unit Size    57x81x21mm
Standard Package Shipping Weight    0.6Kg

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