Vehicle Tracking Model ART-801  price of the product 000 USD with garnet replaced by unconditional up to 12 months with  after sales support and uninterrupted for at least 36 months with tracking software in both admin and customers a comprehensive and user-friendly with the ability to install Software on the server enterprise customers and easy operation and high speed port style with applications Android - iPhone also works without a hardware problem, even at very high temperatures in the South of the country for at least 36 months and can say that one of the best detectors in Iran since the beginning of the year so far this vehicle tracking device can attract customers confidence that our customers are very satisfied with the quality of this type of car they are tracking. As well as free installation of Tehran and Suburbs only at the customer site by a qualified installer company, we hope to be able to attract future customers





ATR-801 is a Gps vehicle remote location and control system with compact size,low consumption,stable function and easy installation.It allows to set up 3 authorized phone numbers and will send alert informations to which for immediate assistance when in case of emergency.These alert includes Date, Time, Coordinate, Speed and Map URL link. It will also send the coordinate to the designated server by GPRS and then displaying the location by tracking software.The end user can track their vehicles by either web-tracking(Browser to Server) or software tracking (Client software to Server)
2.Main Features:
Locating and tracking via SMS or GPRS
History reply
Listen in function
Emergency help button
Arm/disarm by SMS
Movement alarm
Geo-fence alarm
Parking overtime alarm
History location/mileage/ignition/ report for export
Speeding alert
Engine cut off/recovery by SMS or on computer
Taxi dispatch management
Long distance passenger vehicle GPS minitoring
Bus GPS scheduling management system
Logistics vehicle GPS monitoring and management system
Rental vehicle GPS monitoring system
Gps monitoring center to charge the end user monthly fee
Extended LED screen for advertising purpose


Working voltage     9V -- 36V DC
Working current    30 mA --60 mA(DC)
Back-up battery    300 mA / H
Installing size    88mm X 60mm X 13mm
Weight    0.16kg
Working temperature    -20℃ -- 75℃
Moisture     5% -- 95%(Non-water vapor condensation state)
GSM Frequency    900MHz / 1800 MHz  or   850MHz / 1900 MHz
GPS Module    Globalsat Sirf III
GPS Sensitivity    -159Db
GPS Frequency    1575 MHz
Receiving  panel structure    GPS module 24-channel
Locating accuracy     < 10m (95%)
Time  update    Together with GPS
Cold start time     < 48s(in average)
Heat start time     < 8 s (in average)


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